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In the spring of 2006 I attended a concert performance of a Requiem composed by Paul Humphreys and performed at Loyola Marymount University.  What caught my attention was the uniqueness of the blending of Balinese Gamelan instruments with classical liturgical western music. It was a very unique and beautiful sound.  This experience motivated me to further explore the themes of Balinese Art and its articulations within the western art and music tradition.

In In the summer of 2006, the filming of the documentary was done in Bali.  I was able to interview the most representative artists in music, theater, dance, painting and puppetry.

2007, the post production of this documentary will be completed.  The outcome of it will be part of a DVD compilation where the Requiem by Paul Humphreys and the documentary will co-exist.  The footage from Bali will then be used in multimedia performances combining the Gamelan orchestra, the visuals and live dance performances in a unique and compelling art piece.

The following pages show some visual samples of this project. Each one of the photos is a single frame taken from the High Defenition Digital footage.



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