“La Aventura – Life in a California Mission” – A Glimpse into California’s Past
Produced, Directed and Edited by Fr. Luis Proença, S.J.

"La Aventura - Life in a California Mission" is a 90-minute documentary project, which will give a new insights into early U.S. Western history. Although much has been written and filmed about the Missions, the story has usually been told through the eyes of the victors. This request for scripting is to take already researched material and to turn the current working treatment into a script. The goal of this scripting phase is to take the continuing in-depth research and consultation with academic experts to produce a script, complete with storyboards, pre-visualization, animation and trailers, which in turn will be presented for additional grants. At this time additional research work will be done to collect and document original source material about the Missions that reflects the lives of the Native peoples and their understanding and viewpoint of what was happening during this period in their history. Archival photos, manuscripts, music scores, artifacts, and interviews with both scholars and Native ancestors will be conducted to further enhance the historical, sociological, and ethnological scholarship that exists.  In addition, we will utilize the expertise of ethno-musicologists to further the work already done concerning the music of the time and the Native’s involvement in performance, modification, and composition of music from Europe and original compositions by the Franciscan Friars of the time.  Using the current treatment, a scriptwriter will complete a shooting script with the input of scholars, producers and director. The project director intends to develop a script that is unique in the telling of this story.

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