432 (DVD in development)
Produced by Ron Schmidt, S.J. and Directed by Jason Schmidt

A feature documentary

Auschwitz survivor | Noted Polish theater set-designer
 Silent for 50 years
A shattering stroke | Memories emerge
 in haunting drawings | Hope breaks through in art and love


After a career as a renowned theater set-designer and 50 years of silence, Auschwitz prisoner 432, Marian Kolodziej, releases his long suppressed memories through hundreds of pen and ink drawings. He suffers a shattering stroke and begins to draw haunting images of the death camps. Told against the backdrop of his drawings and theater career, this is at once a disturbing yet inspiring story of death and survival, brutality and kindness, love, redemption, despair and hope in the life of this Polish artist, friend of a Pope, companion of a martyr, beloved husband.

Contact: Ron Schmidt, S.J., Producer | schmidt.re@gmail.com

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