Franz Jägerstätter - A Man of Conscience (DVD)
Featuring Martin Sheen as the voice of Franz Jagerstatter.

Directed and Produced by Jason Schmidt and Ron Schmidt, SJ

This story of an ordinary man who performed an extraordinary act of conscience reminds us that with faith we can all do extraordinary things.

In 1938, Hitler's army occupied Austria. All men were ordered to enlist in the military. Franz Jägerstätter, a farmer and father of four, went into military training but refused to fight in Hitler's army, knowing that he would face execution. His neighbors, pastor and even the bishop tried to convince Franz to enlist for the sake of his family and his country. But Franz felt his faith and conscience compelled him to follow the teachings of God and not the decrees of the Third Reich. He was imprisoned, then executed on August 9, 1943, at the age of 36.

In 2007, the Vatican declared Franz a true martyr, officially placing him in the process of sainthood. The deep faith and courage of this humble farmer is an inspiration to all, and leads many to say no to war and to work for peace.

"As he stood alone against the greatest evil in the 20th century, Franz Jaegerstatter discovered that conscience is costly, faith is necessary and one man with courage is a majority!" ---Martin Sheen.




Color, 24 Minutes, English, NTSC 16:9
© 2009 Produced by December 2nd Productions and Hope Media Productions. Distributed in the US by Hope Media Productions and Maryknoll Productions.

Special Features: Additional Scenes, Extended interview with Bishop Thomas Gumbleton on the Just War Theory.

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