Instructions to the Cook. A Zen Master’s Recipe for Living a Life That Matters (DVD)
Directed by Christof Wolf, S.J., Produced by Ron Schmidt, S.J. and Christof Wolf, S.J., Edited by Jason Schmidt



Bernard Glassman teaches a distillation of Zen wisdom that can be used as a guide for business, social ventures, peacemaking or just life. The documentary demonstrates the uniqueness and human impact of Glassman‘s work and life. Not only a Zen teacher, he works as a peacemaker in the field of interfaith dialog throughout the world. He has helped change a whole neighbourhood in Yonkers (New York). The film shows how one can live a life that matters.



Color, 44 Minutes, English, NTSC 16:9
© 2006 Loyola Productions Munich GmbH. Distributed in the US by Hope Media Productions.

Special Features: Trailers, Additional Scenes, Director’s and Producer’s Commentary, Interviews


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