Pukiki, The Portuguese Americans of Hawai'i (DVD)
Produced, Directed and Edited by Fr. Luis Proença, S.J.

In 1876 the Reciprocity Treaty was signed between the Kingdom of Hawaii and United States of America, opening a huge market for Hawaii's Sugar Plantations.

Hawaii needed skilled workers fast and the Portuguese responded. The thousands of Portuguese from the islands of Madeira, Azores and Cape Verde who came to Hawaii between 1878 and 1913 would change Hawaii forever.

Today, the third and forth generation of Portuguese-Hawaiians question their past. With their language lost and their contributions heavily woven into the multi-cultural fabric of Hawaiian culture, some find themselves wondering if they are Portuguese, Hawaiian or American.

"Pukiki - The American-Portuguese in Hawaii",© 2003. Digital Betacam, 45 minutes.  Official Selection at “Hawaii International Film Festival” (Oct.31, 2003).  International Satellite Broadcast on RTPi (Rádio Televisão Portuguesa Internacional) on October 6th, , 2003 at 1:15 PM and 7 PM (California time) and on October 9th , 2003 at 11:30 PM (California time) 2003. TV Broadcast on Maui TV Channel-32 Akaku on October and November 2003.  TV Broadcast on RTP2 (Channel 2 in Portugal) on June 10 at 7 PM, 2004.  International Satellite Broadcast on RTPi on October 22, 2005 at 2: 30 PM (CA time).  Telly Awards 2003 and Aurora Gold Award, 2004.

 ISBN 0-9779707-1–X,  Los Angeles: Arrupe Productions, 2006. Distributed by Hope Media Productions. Review in English and Review in Portugues


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