Cantar Quiero
Music of the California Missions (CD)

Recorded at Loyola Marymount University
Produced by John Flaherty
Associate Producers:
Ron Schmidt, SJ and Luis Proenca, SJ


A collection of engaging music that highlights the artistic contributions of the Franciscan friars who develeoped the California Missions. Music was an integral part of life in all of the Missions, marking the day´s activities. Listen and enjoy the many styles here, from Latin Mass settings and Gregorian chant to new compositions set for multiple vocal parts and Hispanic folksongs with memorable melodies and lively rhythms.

Published by World Library Publications, ISBN 978-1-58459-307-2

Download Samples:

mission01.mp3 (1:08 min) 1 MB
mission02.mp3 (0:39 min) 628 KB
mission04.mp3 (1:05 min) 1 MB
mission05.mp3 (0:38 min) 600 KB
mission06.mp3 (0:36 min) 572 KB
mission08.mp3 (0:31 min) 492 KB
mission10.mp3 (0:438 min) 620 KB
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