Catrina Posada y la Gran Piedra - Catrina Posada and the Big Stone (DVD)
Produced, Directed and Edited by José Garcia Moreno


Catrina Posada and the Big Stone is an animated film about death and resurrection. In an old theater, a skeleton by name of Catrina Posada is about to explain the myth of the Five Suns. It is also a dark interpretation of one of the most important icons of Mexican culture: the Aztec calendar.
Catrina Posada and the Big Stone has been projected in official competitions all around the world, including Anima Mundi, Animation Celebration (Los Angeles), the International Short Film Festival of Sao Paulo, Animadrid and obtained different awards like the first prize at the Animation Film Festival, Creanimax.
This animation was created using various techniques: stop motion, pixilation, hand drawn animation and 3D animation.

ISBN 978-0-9801378-2-8, Los Angeles: Hope Media Productions, 2008

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