Finding Home (DVD)
Produced, Directed and Edited by Art Nomura


Finding Home, a 52 minute documentary, is the latest effort by Southern California-based media artist and Loyola Marymount University Professor, Art Nomura. Supported by a 2003-04 Fulbright Research Grant, Nomura spent the fall/winter of 2003 in Japan capturing visuals and conducting interviews for this project.

Finding Home is about Japanese Americans who have decided to live in Japan rather than America. The video examines what they have gained and lost with this decision. The six Japanese Americans featured responded to questions about lifestyle, identity, personal evolution, and choice of residence provide fresh insight into the expatriate experience for those who have chosen to live in their ancestral homeland. Nomura, a sansei (third generation Japanese American), and a first-time visitor to Japan at age 57, shares his impressions of being in Japan throughout the documentary.

Finding Home © 2006 has screened in the 2006 Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival and the 2005 Rhode Island International Film Festival.

ISBN 0-9779707-6-0, Los Angeles: Arrupe Productions, 2006. Distributed by Hope Media Productions.

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