Getting Along (DVD)
Produced, Directed, and Edited by Art Nomura

Getting Along is an innovative look at racism and its roots. Four men: an African American, a Latino, an Asian American and a European American talk about what they believe are the keys to fostering racial harmony. Dramatized re-creations of the childhood incidents that first made them aware of race and racism are featured. An idealized playground pick-up basketball game between the four men serves as a metaphor for the conflict and competition inherent in our society. This award-winning video (Atlanta Video Festival) is part of university, college, and high school, collections nationwide. This updated version includes a revised study guide and bibliography (educational version). Originally released in 1992 it continues to have relevance to our
on-going desire to get along with people different then ourselves. “compelling and timely production. Highly recommended.” Video Librarian Getting Along has screened at the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film and Video Festival, the Japanese American Community Cultural Center, Los Angeles; the Black Gallery, Los Angeles; the Santa Monica Museum of Art, the UC Irvine Cross-Cultural Center, the California Museum of Photography, Riverside; National Video Festival, American Film Institute, Los Angeles; Video TENSIONS, Tucson, Arizona; the Art Gallery, Cal State U. Fullerton; Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art, Winston-Salem, North Carolina; and in `Of Two Minds: Asian American Video’ Independent Curators Incorporated, national touring exhibition. Broadcast on Channel 28 KCET, Los Angeles.


ISBN 0-9779707-9-5, Los Angeles: Arrupe Productions, 2007. Distributed by Hope Media Productions.

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