las palmas de los angeles (DVD)
Produced, Directed and Edited by Art Nomura

las palmas de los angeles is a half-hour audio-visual poem about the sentinel of Southern California.... the palm tree. In malls, parks, yards, cemeteries, lining the streets from Beverly Hills to South Central, its iconic presence is ubiquitous. But most palms, like the people that populate the area, are immigrants.... Celebrate and learn about these indispensable members of Southern California’s ‘high’ society.
‘...absorbing Nomura’s languorous images of the omnipresent trees, the viewer begins to recognize the sheltering palms as an abiding, watchful presence over their human neighbors. Little by little, the video intimates that the palms are central characters in an alternate, non anthropological “history” existing alongside ---and perhaps enduring beyond ---the city’s dominant human orientation. LA Weekly -Robert Payne las palmas de los angeles has screened at the Asian International Video Festival, New York City, at the Barnsdall Art Gallery, Los Angeles, and has received a Bronze Apple Award Winner from the National Educational Film and Video Festival, Oakland.


ISBN 0-9779707-7-9, Los Angeles: Arrupe Productions, 2007. Distributed by Hope Media Productions.

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