Touchstone: The Rock Art of the Coa Valley (DVD)
Produced, Directed and Edited by Fr. Luis Proença, S.J.

A half-hour documentary about the Paleolithic figures discovered along ten miles of the Coa riverbeds in Portugal. Since its discovery in 1995, the site has been considered the most important archeological complex of outdoor engraved Paleolithic rock art in the world.

These animal and human figures represent some of the earliest known attempts by humankind to record and express ideas.

“ Touchstone – The Rock Art at Coa Valley ”,© 2004 – Digital Betacam, 30 minutes. Award of Excellence 2005 from “The Videographer Awards” and Telly Awards 2005.  Official Selection of the “6th International Archaeological Film Festival of the Bidasoa” (October 2006). It will be in display at the Museum – “Parque Arqueologico do Vale do Coa “ – Portugal.

ISBN 0-9779707-3-6, Los Angeles: Arrupe Productions, 2006. Distributed by Hope Media Productions.

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