Tradition: As Festas e tradições dos Portugueses na Califórnia (DVD)
Produced, Directed and Edited by Fr. Luis Proença, S.J.

The Portuguese in California are a thriving community with a compelling story that is an integral part of the history of this state. Attracted by the Gold Rush, the Portuguese (mainly from the Azores Islands) found their passage to California as crewmembers aboard American whaling ships and began arriving in the mid-1800s.

They brought with them not only their traditions, but also an intense desire to succeed in this land of opportunity. The Feasts of the Holy Spirit, embody the memories of the past and showcase the integration of Portuguese intoCalifornia culture.

“Tradition – As Festas e Tradições dos Portugueses na Califórnia” © 2006, Digital Betacam, 30 minutes. International Satellite Broadcast on RTPi (Rádio Televisão Portuguesa Internacional, which broadcasts over the all world) on May 29th, , 2006, June 2nd  at 7:15 PM (California time) and on June 4th , 2006.  Award of Excellence 2006 from Telly Awards (Silver). Producer, Director and Editor.
ISBN 0-9779707- 4 - 4, Los Angeles:Hope Media Productions, 2006.

The DVD has an English and Portuguese version of the Documentary. Review in English and Review in Portugues

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